Automate Your Martial Arts Tuition Billing and Management

Martial Arts Tuition Billing Management the SIMPLE Way!


The tools you need to fuel your business goals.

  • Accept Payments Anywhere: All credit and debit cards and ACH echecks—on your website, over the phone, or on your mobile device
  • Streamline Billing: Get paid via e-invoice or autmatic recurring tuition billing
  • Manage Student Information: Secure and accessible from anywhere
  • Be Mobile: Manage your tuiton from anywhere on any device
  • Automatic Failed Payment Notifications and 100% custom reporting
  • We will beat your current credit card processing rates saving you money over even your local bank!
  • Low cost ACH and eCheck payments with NO "junk fees" you're currently paying every month
  • We WILL save you money!
SIMPLE Tuition Management is the perfect platform for Martial Arts School tuition billing management.
  • Especially for martial arts school owners who want an EASY to use, QUICK to set up and completely customize-able system to collect and manage their student tuition billing.Running your karate school is challenging enough without having to worry about collecting your martial arts tuition "manually" or with overly complicated systems.
  • This easy to use platform is helping hundreds of professional martial arts school owners simplify their life, save a LOT of money over traditional martial arts tuition billing services, and keep COMPLETE control over their revenue.
  • We don't "hold" your money, we don't charge crazy "junk fees" or any other silliness the martial arts industry has been plagued with for decades.
  • This is the SIMPLE, 21st Century Solution for Your Martial Arts School!
Martial arts school owners, please complete the form on the right of the page to see all the details, and get a free demo and 1 on 1 tuition billing management systems analysis. Ask about special discounts:
  • We don't nickel and dime you for every added feature
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