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SIMPLE, Flexible, Low Cost Martial Arts Tuition Billing and Management for Your School - Gives YOU Complete Control of YOUR Money

Easily manage monthly martial arts tuition payments by ACH, Credit Cards and Online event registration with none of the crazy fees or costs of the traditional billing company.

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Easily manage your monthly martial arts student billing and any other payments at a fraction of the cost of a traditional “billing company”. Learn More
Your students or prospects can register and pay online for events, exams, camps or really, just about anything you can imagine.Learn More
Take payments while away from your martial arts school, at community events, or anywhere with your mobile device!Learn More
We don’t “hold” your money. Payments are deposited into your bank account IMMEDIATELY upon settlement from the issuing bank. Learn More
YOU have control over every aspect of your tuition collection and payments. No middle man, which means no middle man fees!Learn More
No need to worry about security, we handle all the security issues for you. Our system is fully PCI compliant and secure.Learn More

Our Mission

Our mission is SIMPLE, we’re here to help martial arts school owners, of ANY style (karate, taekwondo, judo, mma, jui jitsu, krav maga, kung fu, kickboing, hard styles, soft styles….ANY style!)┬ámanage their tuition billing (and any other payments for that matter) with a SIMPLE, but effective system, and SAVE MONEY at the same time (in many cases, a LOT of money).

If you want an easy way to automatically bill your martial arts students by EFT or Credit Card this might be the perfect application for you!

Additionally, you’ll be able to process payment “on the go” with our Mobile App and Mobile Device Credit Card Dongle, and you’ll be able to collect payment online for tuition, events, exams, retail sales or virtually ANYTHING else with our completely customizable web payment forms.

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